Hayfever is a chronic cold…

Hayfever is caused by a cold body in combination with weather conditions.

Having a cold body reduces immunity and weakens the lungs and, in the spring, increases susceptibility to allergies like hayfever.
This in turn causes a chronic cold.

Most hayfever sufferers have a cold body with cold hands and cold feet. Other sufferers have warm hands but
cold feet or vice versa. This shows that the body temperature of
a sufferer is low. The metabolism and circulation are slowed down as well. That is why some sufferers are
not only affected in the nose, but they also suffer from problems like asthma and fatigue.

The best remedy for hayfever

Compare Warm Herbs with other medications

We compared Warm Herbs with Western medication for the treatment of hayfever.

Warm Herbs

Hayfever patients have cold bodies and suffer from chronic colds. If the body is cold and weak, the immune system does not function properly. This produces allergies. A body temperature increase of just 1°C improves the immune system’s functioning fivefold. Warm Herbs impart warmth and energy to the body, increase immunity, and restore the body’s balance and health. Therefore, the problems will not return following the treatment.

Western medication

According to the theory of Western medicine, hayfever is an anaphylactic reaction. In general, whilst there is no cure for allergies, there are various types of medication available to ease and treat symptoms like congestion and a runny nose. Anti-allergy drugs are therefore prescribed to combat the symptoms. As soon as the treatment is stopped, the symptoms return.
The medication does not treat the root cause but rather only
the symptoms.

Hayfever patient references
Mrs. K van den Acker says, “I started to suffer from it 25 years ago. After that I had several different allergies, and they seemed to be more and more … Each year I suffer for 3 months during which I swallow pills every day against the symptoms. I have also tried acupuncture for 2 years, it relieved the symptoms somewhat but they still came back year after year. After 6 treatments with WarmHerbs in the Sunshine Tang clinic last year, it didn’t return this year! I feel much more energetic and my allergies are almost gone as well! All thanks to Dr. Sun’s Warm Herbs treatment. I’m so happy!”