Herbs against pain are very effective. All pain is caused by cold. Most people have cold hands or feet. Usually pain is more severe in the winter than summer time. After vacation in warm place you feel less pain.

No matter what kind of pain you have like rheumatism, back pain, headache, migraine, stomach pain, every pain comes from cold.

If your body is cold, blood circulation is slow, muscle tissue become stiff and sometimes spasm. When muscle doesn’t get enough blood circulation, nerves give a signal of the pain to the brain. That why you feel pain.
Pain killers only stop the signal of the pain. You don’t feel pain but problem are still not cured.

Warm herbs against pain first make body healthy. Your body get warmth and energy. Blood circulate quicker and powerfully.
When body get well temperature all muscle tissue become open and relax, this helps better blood circulation. When muscle get enough blood, pain signal shall disappear. Pain is fully relieved.

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Herbs against pain

Herbs against pain