WarmHerbs explained

Our treatment is based on recovering your energy and enhancing the total blood circulation through the use of our Warm Herbs. With the warm herbs we treat the root of the cause and not only the symptoms. So we restore the total body balance so that symptoms will disapear.*
* (Results may vary, we can not give any guarantees.)
1The root cause of all illnesses
The human body must maintain a constant temperature of around 36.5 to 37 degrees Celsius.
The factors that play a role here include heredity, weather and the consumption of cold food, all of which can contribute towards reducing body temperature and therefore weakening the body
When the circulation slows down and your body gets cold, the immune system suffers. This cold body in turn causes more problems.
2How does your body become cold?
Hereditary factors might play a role.
Pathogenic factors through the climate, such as low temperature, high humidity, etc.
Living or working in a cold environment for a prolonged period of time.
Old age combined with a cold environment, leading to increased susceptibility to problems.
Over-consumption of cold food and beverages.
3The symptoms of a cold body
  • Cold hands and / or cold feet
  • Hot body or sweating but problems nevertheless
  • Chronic problem
  • Red and hot face and neck
  • Fatigue and frequent colds
  • An emotional state, stress, mental hyperactivity and insomnia
  • Propensity to allergies and previous pain symptoms
  • Constipation or diarrhea, abdominal swelling
  • Overweight
  • In winter the problems tend to be worse than in summer. (When one is on holiday in a warm country, one usually has fewer problems).
4What are Warm Herbs?
Warm Herbs are simple and occur in nature.
By using Warm Herbs, the body absorbs heat and energy. The Warm Herbs directly address the causes of the problems, restoring the body's balance and health. Once the body regains its health, all diseases gradually disappear. Chronic problems diminish dramatically as the body's condition improves.
Since your body is balanced internally, the problems will not return soon. Within two to four weeks you will notice an improvement and feel stronger, calmer and more energetic.
Dr. Sun's has many years of clinical experiences in the Netherlands and in China.
5Benefits of Warm Herbs treatment
As the body ages, minor problems begin to accumulate and get worse, causing real suffering. This shows that the human body's system is out of balance. People therefore have many different kinds of complaints. And it is a very difficult and slow process for the body to eradicate the problems itself and to restore its own balance.
Warm Herbs directly address the cause of the problems. No matter what the complaints or symptoms are, the root cause of them is that your body is out of balance. Warm Herbs work on the body's balance.
Most problems never return. The treatment is entirely natural.
6Body temperature

Body temperature determines your health

  • 36.5-37°C: physical health, a long life, normal immunity
  • 36°C: susceptibility to certain symptoms, including: feeling cold, stress, depression, allergies, asthma, pain, insomnia, susceptibility to obesity, etc.
  • 35.5°C: in addition to the above symptoms, the following symptoms are common: high blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels, susceptibility to cancer, diabetes, compromised immune systems, risk of chronic diseases etc.
  • 35°C: cancer cells may spread more easily at this temperature
  • 34°C: feeling of being very cold, perhaps even a state of semi-consciousness
  • 33°C: unconsciousness
  • 30°C: likelihood of falling into a coma
  • 29°C: mydriasis
  • 27°C: this body temperature is associated with death